For Halloween 2008 I decided that I wanted to get creative and do this whole costume thing right. The previous year I had cheated with a bagged “Rainbow Bright” costume that had been cute enough but just not very adventurous. I don’t know how I really came about with the idea of the Smarties costume (I think it started with a tootsie roll – but I decided white and brown was kind of boring). All I know is that the only other Smarties costumes I could find online were for baby’s (and one very scary makeshift costume that some woman had attempted).  So a roll of Smarties I was.

For this costume I also made a mini roll of smarties as my purse to tote around the necessaries as well as  a whole bunch of smarties to pass out to people! Too bad I didn’t enter the costume contest that year – candy is an excellent tool of bribery.


~ by Amber on December 21, 2009.

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