Zebra Girl

In the always entertaining city of Portland, Oregon they have this amazing thing called the BarFly Bus Tours. It’s a pub crawl of a particular theme in which  couple of crazy hosts pack 60 or so people on a school bus (yes a school bus) and guide them around the city to 8 or so bars. It is the marathon of all marathons and probably one of the most hilarious things I have ever experienced. A friend of mine had done a 7 Deadly Sins tour for her birthday (in which everyone had to dress up like on of the sins and all the bars we visited were themed after one of the sins) and I loved it. I decided to do one of the tours for my silver (25th) birthday as well. The theme that just so happened to be happening close to my birthday was “The Great Outdoors,” and being someone who will take any excuse to wear a costume I decided that my b-day guests and I would Safari it up for the bus (even though everyone else on the bus who wasn’t there for my birthday would not be in costume).  I’ve always been a fan of the colors black, white, and red together so I opted for the Zebra.

I made the ears for this costume with some leftover fabric from the dress, black tulle and a cheap black headband from Claires.  (I’ll post a close up pi cute later). The arm warmers were kind of an afterthought but I’m glad I made em cause they kept me nice and warm on our treck of Portland’s outdoor bars.

Funny enough I was the only one dressed as a non-carnivorous animal (or an explorer) which I guess was appropriate since I was the birthday girl.


~ by Amber on December 21, 2009.

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