A Ghana Dress for a Birthday

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My friend Katelyn went to Ghana last Summer for a study abroad course. She brought back some beautiful fabric and asked me to make something for her. But school got back in session and we both got busy. This Summer as it approached her birthday and her graduation, I decided to make her a dress and surprise her. I based it on the pattern of a dress that I already had.

I had a ton of extra fabric so I decided to also make her a cute skirt as well :-)

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Evil clown . . .

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I have recently been commissioned by a local Production Company—531 Productions—to make a clown costume for an upcoming movie they are filming. It’s not a paid gig, but they are springing the funds for materials and I get a credit in the movie. Pretty damn cool as far as I’m concerned.

So operation Gacey-esk clown costume is a go! :)


Annnd the final product…..

Red Bull gives you wings!

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Some Sparkles for a Birthday

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Recently my friend Katelyn had her 25th birthday, and to celebrate she decided to grace the stage with the Burlesque girls at the JHBR. For a gift I offered to make her something sparkly to wear on stage. The top and matching booty-short undies are mine, and the lovely tutu was made by another friend of hers!

The Duck

•December 21, 2009 • 2 Comments

UPDATE: In November 2010 a good friend of mine borrowed my Ducky costume to wear to one of the home games and made it into the local paper!

As an alumni of the University of Oregon I have always been (and always will be)  a Duck fan. In 2009 Chip Kelly kicked off his first season as a head coach and led the Ducks all the way into the Pac-10 championship as well as the Rose Bowl. Halloween 2009 wasn’t special because it is was an excuse to wear costumes but it was also the day that the Ducks hosted (and beat) USC’s Trojans at home for an epic game that even ESPN’s Game Day recognized. To show my support for my favorite team I decided that my Halloween costume should pay homage to the Ducks  and I went as “Puddles” (although technically he is NOT actually called “Puddles” but rather “The Oregon Duck”.) Whatever, technicalities aside I was the Oregon mascot for Halloween. Here is the product of my labor of love:

Thanks to my friend Bryn I even had a little duck beak (that quacked even) to tie it all together! I thought the end result of the costume was pretty good (I even had cute little ruffly white underwear) and most certainly recognizable to any Duck fan as “The Oregon Duck”. Sadly enough, when I entered a costume party at a local Sports bar dedicated to Oregon athletics called the “O-Bar,” I did not walk away with the prize. I was bested by a costume-from-a-bag struttin Red Ridin Hood who happened to be a friend of all the bartenders. But I couldn’t be too mad because guy who took the male costume prize was my friend Clint (a dead trojan) whose costume I helped paint. Oh well, tail-gaters a plenty were very much appreciative of my threads which made me happy enough!

The “Poison Ivy” costume featured in the fourth picture is a collaboration of mine that I created along with my friend Scarlett Storm (wearing the costume).

*And just one more note. This costume is obviously not an official UO product, nor is it trying to be. It is not for sale. It was ONLY for my own personal use. It is now sitting in my closet and is only being showcased here as a part of my collection of costumes. I hope that keeps the copyright hounds off my back! :o)

Poison Ivy

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This is a collaborative piece that I made with my burlesque dancin friend Scarlett Storm for her 2009 “Poison Ivy” costume.

For the top I used an old corset and attached pieces of green fabric and ribbon to. Then I went as crazy as possible with the glue gun, glitter, leaves, and gems to bling it out as much as possible. Scarlett Storm also added the lovely (and very appropriate) addition of the skull to the front bodice.

Scarlett Storm got creative with some more leaves and created the arm and leg warmers and also made the cape (shown in the second picture).

Argh Pirates

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I love my friends. They are just as enthusiastic as I am for costume parties. For her 25th birthday my friend Taylor decided to have her theme be devoted to one of her favorite things: Pirates.

Not my entire costume was made by myself, only pieces. I altered the hat by adding some feathers (hooray for glue guns) and using a piece of gold fabric to wrap over my head under it.

The main piece that was of my own creation was the peasant shirt under the corset. It’s not a full length shirt (it comes down to just under the bust) but I figured since I had the corset on underneath it would help to save on fabric.  I’m not really sure how I managed to jimmy rig that thing without a pattern but I pulled it off and thought it came out pretty well.